MountainView has moved!!!

Mountainview Horse Rescue & Sanctuary

So many more to much more to do!!!                                New Tripoli, PA 18066

                                           Help Us........  Help Them........  

                                              Dreams Do Come True.....

              It is unfortunate that we know we cannot rescue them all!  Our 

              mission  is to raise awareness!  Become the voice.....WE are 

              against inhumane slaughter, transportation, and treatment of

             these beautiful animals (and of all animals).  Join "us" with your

             support and your voice for those that cannot speak for themselves!

                                                       OUR NEEDS

               Of course, money would be a great thing to donate (as it can be 

                used wherever the need is urgent).  However, gift certificates for 

               grain, hay, Farrior needs, veterinary care, etc. would also be very

               helpful and appreciated!

              Think of us when you hear of an event where we might participate

               in a fundraising capacity, or an awareness capacity..... Attend events

               that we are attending and show your support of our efforts.

               BE THEIR VOICE!!!!!  Be an awareness advocate!  Start a

               petition to end the slaughter, transportation, and abuse of

               horses..........or sign ours!  You can add your name to our 

                petition by using the "Contact Us" form and supplying your:

                Full name, address, county, and phone number.    Or attend 

                one of our events and sign the petition there!