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Featured Testimonial

Not too long ago, we rescued a horse that was at an auction - pending slaughter.  The horse's name was Red. We took care of the horse and got him back to a healthy weight and showed him love, kindness and appreciation.

Fast forward a few months and he was adopted to a wonderful woman who often donates her time, energy, and love to our rescue.  She renamed him Yuengling.  After working with Yuengling for what seemed like a very short time, this woman contacted us to tell us a little more about him.  She said that this horse is teaching her things about horses and riding that she never knew - even though she has over 15 years' experience of training & riding!

Now, imagine there was no Mountainview Horse Rescue.  That horse would have been slaughtered and his meat sold internationally so that someone could have a "delicacy" --- a beautiful, wonderful, talented, intelligent life taken...........for what?!?  A one-time profit.  Not worth the sacrifice of a life - don't you agree?